What is Invisalign®?

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Invisalign is an almost invisible brace system that can be used to straighten crowded, misaligned teeth or a ‘gappy’ smile.

It moves teeth in a similar way to a traditional ‘’train-track’’ brace however instead of a set of wires you simply wear a set of custom-made clear mouth trays or ‘’aligners’’ as shown on the side.

What benefits may Invisalign® have for you?

  • The aligners are almost invisible meaning you can happily smile during your treatment and for your photosSin título2
  • You can comfortably eat by simply removing the aligners
  • The removable nature of the aligners also ensures simple toothbrushing
  • The aligners doesn’t have any metal or any sharp wires providing superior comfort
  • Using a 3D predictive software developed by Invisalign®, we are able to view a computer projection of how your teeth will move, which means you will be able to see a projection of the end result before you even begin!
  • The Invisalign system has been used over 5 Million people worldwide to help them achieve their perfect smile

How does Invisalign® Work?

Following your dentists assessment and prescription, a multiple set of Custom-made clear mouth trays/aligners are manufactured using 3-D engineering. These aligners specifically apply gentle force on your teeth which allows them to move. You will wear each set of aligners for 1 week before moving on to a new aligner. Each set of aligners is slightly different to allow your teeth to move into the final prescribed position.

How long does the treatment take?

This depends on the starting position of your teeth, however on average the treatment takes between 3-9 months. you will have to wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day to allow your teeth to move effectively. While in treatment we will closely monitor your teeth every month to ensure your treatment is progressing well. After your treatment is complete we will continue to monitor you for up to a year to help you keep your new smile in tip-top condition.

How much does the Invisalign® treatment cost?

This depends on how extensive your treatment is. Single arch (Top OR bottom teeth) treatment starts from £2200 and Dual arch (BOTH top and bottom) from £3000.

Do you offer finance or payment plans?

As of April 2020 we do offer 12 months interest free finance subject to eligibility.

How can I start my Invisalign® treatment?

To achieve the best results with your Invisalign® treatment we need to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and that you are able to maintain good dental hygiene. We would first recommend booking a full dental examination to assess your oral health and ensure you are dentally healthy. This appointment is also a great opportunity to discuss the start of your Invisalign® treatment! Once your teeth and gums are checked and healthy and you’re ready to start your Invisalign® Journey!

Book your appointment today with our Invisalign® providers Dr Rajdeep Sadhra or Dr Aikusa Hacatrjana by calling us on 01865 771729

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